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Posting tests as actual movies is unfair to absolutely everyone looking for actual content. This website has forums, use them!

Sk3letor responds:

Hello. Look, the title clearly says "test" and in the description I put on this same topic. <3

Such A Classic

As a long time fan of the madness series, this animation has truly reinvigorated my passion for this series. I probably stopped caring for these kinds of cartoons as many were more of the same, even with good smooth animation, but this one is different than the rest as it sets a different creative direction in the madness combat franchise.

This cartoon is full of personality, every prisoner feels unique in terms of personality and abilities, and I really liked the interaction between the guy who looks like Bane and the Black medium lengthed hair guy, I think Kreep DaskerKS animated that part. I found myself becoming fascinated and curious by the characters and wanting to know more about them individually, something I haven't felt while watching a madness cartoon in over 3 years.

Is there any prequel cartoons showcasing how all of these guys ended up in the nexus prison. or was prison generally just the theme for this collab? Anyhow, I loved it, great job to everyone involved, each animator worked cohesively to keep their individual parts smooth, and they also did a great job keeping up the flow of the plot!

Jsoull responds:

Thanks for your review! Originally there was going to be a prelude that showed how many of the Characters got jailed, but when the collab switched hands from Kenamii to me that idea got lost in the process.

Probably my favorite submission of this madness day so far. The action never stops being interesting and its very hard hitting. The sword fight was fun to watch as well. I thoroughly enjoyed!

Was an alright Collab. I thoroughly enjoyed Djjaner's parts the most, and I really enjoyed the way he incorporated gibb animations into his scenes. He did it in a unique way that was satisfying and hard hitting, and I also enjoyed the custom gore he put on his spirates, instead of just using the main madness blood wound spirates. Dark110 had some good quality parts to the collab as well! The rest of the collab felt like all it had were animation tests and bad jokes, which in my opinion takes away from the content of the collaboration. I feel like people who make tests should post them in their dump box and ask for critique from other animators instead of posting it for everyone to see, because when you make an animation on newgrounds and you post it for everyone to see, you want people to see the individual content of that said animation, not 30% original content, 70% random tests. This is my criticism and opinion though.

Kreepah responds:


This was fucking WHACK YO!!!

Seriously, It has been a long time since I have seen something this interesting on newgrounds! I love everything about this. The attention to detail, the fluid animation, the very high quality sound effects ranging from the guy walking to the birds chirping in the forest. Every little detail is pieced together to create this masterpiece. I am in love with this man, this animation is fucking awesome!

Not gonna lie, all of this was pretty fucking awesome, more entertainment, and better animation value than last year, I would consider this a vast improvement, kinda made me find my love for zombies again too. 5 stars for animation and 5 stars for deimos hitting the bong

I really like the atmosphere of the series and I feel as though you do a great job capturing the drama in the moments that occur. The voice acting is great as well as the animation itself. The art is nothing flashy but it doesn't need to be, it gets the job done. I really enjoyed this and I am definitely looking forward to more!

UniversalHeat responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! This series was made over the course of about two years, so don't worry, the animation gets better as it goes along :) Anyway, I'll be uploading episode 3 (i.e. the episode where shit REALLY starts to go down) tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Loved it, This has what I have been thinking about for the last 3 weeks, and then I suddenly stumbled upon this, so I feel like I can really relate to the narrative of this animation, this was some good shit man, I also worked at Wal-mart too lol. This has everything on the subject of relating to the human emotions, and the art is good, 5 star + fav

Shit was trippy, I very much enjoyed, I basically think you were trying to convey the emotion, the memories, and thats why his back was pointing at us, as you show this entity walking foreward, leaving the disaster behind, or perhaps not caring about the past, as the reign of terror continues, the sense of darkness and badassery are strong in this animation!

Kelzad responds:

You're close to the point.
Thanks :v

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